About Us

My name is Walter Schmaedecke. I am a retired salesman, currently establishing a simple business aimed at serving the general public. I enjoy landscaping, I like to mow and manicure lawns because it’s a job that displays pride and character. I began doing professional lawn care as an assistant grounds keeper for the Disabled American Veterans National Headquarters in the mid 1980’s. I learned from my mentor and neighbor who was the chief grounds keeper. This property was several acres of manicured striped lawns, perfectly trimmed shrubbery and trees that were mulched and edged to perfection. Flower beds were uniform and weed free and the grass was thick, lush and green. Visitors marveled at the detail and organization of this landscape. I work hard to maintain that standard of service to my landscape and lawn care customers using state of the art equipment and technology to improve your property. We continuously learn and grow our services to meet the needs of our customers.

I’m a father of 1, my son Thomas “Blake” and my wife of 20 years Linda. I offer friendly professional service at a reasonable price. I don’t require contracts but I appreciate establishing them. I offer a diversity of services including mowing, tree trimming & removal, pressure washing, as well as turf management which includes aeration, seeding, fertilizing, and weeding. I enjoy improving and developing properties whether residual and commercial lawns. Your home or business are your largest investments and I believe that a well maintained lawn is not only visually pleasing, but also says something about a person’s character. Professionally maintained landscaping publically conveys how much you care about your home or business and that you take a personal pride in your investment. My goal is to offer a service that allows you to focus on your priorities without sacrificing the maintenance and appearance of your home or businesses. Give me a call and I’ll make your personal satisfaction my number 1 priority. All of our equipment is state of the art commercial grade.

Walter Schmaedecke